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Move Over Google Glass, It's Time For 'Brainwear'

The next big thing in the world of Wearables

Anne Parsons
Move Over Google Glass, It's Time For 'Brainwear'© 2018 emotiv lifesciences

Okay, we’ve seen a lot of wearables in the last few years - Google Glass, smartwatches, Fit Bit. How do you like the sound of 'brainwear'?

Emotiv Lifesciences is one of the leading companies trying to introduce “quality, affordable brainwear available to everyone.” They have developed a wireless headset that measures your brain waves (EEG) and translates them into data that you can understand to monitor your cognitive health.

Is it just me, but surely wouldn't monitoring your brainwaves on a daily basis drive you a bit nutty?

Whatever about the device for medical intervention and research -  "fighting neurological disorders, enhancing learning, and even helping the disabled move things in the physical world with the power of the mind" - all of which the Emotiv can contribute to, no doubt. It’s the push for widespread commercialisation that I take issue with.

“Time to put on your ‘brainwear’ children.”

The device has recently secured a million dollars from its Kickstarter fund, to be made available for consumer use. Supposedly, you and your family should be delighted at the ability to measure each other’s brain activity, and keep abreast of each other’s mental agility. Imagine the scenario. “Love, your frontal cortex is a bit slow today”. It would be one way to settle arguments anyway.

I’m not too sure how ethical it all is, really. The device seems a bit dangerous - like a modern day craniometer. Whatever about the brain, this hypervigilance can’t be good for the soul.

I think these kinds of instruments are best left in the care of health care professionals, before we surrender our entire lives to social experiments.

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