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Much Cooler Than James Bond's Submarine Car

This ocean explorer is way more badass

Nicole Billitz
Much Cooler Than James Bond's Submarine Car© 2018 uboatworx

A lot of people thought (think?) James Bond was (is?) the coolest guy around, and there was (is?) certainly enough reasons. He certainly has proven his aloof coolness, and his resourcefulness throughout the years.

Obviously one of the many reasons to love him was all of his amazing accessories. Indeed, since 1953, 007 has had the latest cars, guns, and gadgets. One such example of this is Wet Nellie, a custom-built submarine that was specifically created for the 1977 movie “The Spy Who Loved Me”. Modeled after the Lotus Espirit S1 sportscar, the was Bond’s “submarine car”.

And while that might have been sufficient in the 1970s, today, companies like Uboatworx have created a far more futuristic kind of submersible cruiser: the C- Explorer 5. With a depth of over 200 meters, this vehicle cruises at 3 knots below the surface, with fully operational air-conditioning. Calling itself the “world’s first subsea limousine”, this is putting Bond to shame.

Oh, and where Bond's car could only fit him and his "Bond girl", this bad boy seats 5.

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