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Need the Perfect Meme? The Simpsons Can Help

Get Your Frinkiac On

Lauren Messer
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Need the Perfect Meme? The Simpsons Can Help© 2023 Frinkiac

Look out Simpsons fans! There's a totally new way to spend your time on the Internet and it involves some pretty great design from a quirky group that knows their way around the greatest Simpsons moments. The new search engine called Frinkiac is named after strange scientist Professor Frink and is sure to provide fans with hours of entertainment, or the perfect meme for whatever moment is fitting for a quote from the Simpsons. Get ready to test your memory because this database is full of memorable quotes from over the years. 

The coding breaks down the scenes into 100 parts and then compares coloration to create new screenshots.

Just what kind of search engine is this and what can you search for? Why, the Simpsons of course. The database has catalogued and indexed over 3 million screenshots from some 15 seasons of the longest running American sitcom on the air waves. The coding breaks down the scenes into 100 parts and then compares coloration to create new screenshots. That means you can input a quote from your favorite character and the algorithms will call up the scenes in which the quote was said, what time it occurred and in what episode during which season. Not too shabby. There are a few catches though.

Obviously, since the sitcom has been on air since 1989, all of the episodes have not been logged. But 15 out of 27 seasons should give you plenty to choose from. However, if you can't remember the exact quote, you might have a little bit harder time finding the moment that you're looking for. Though Frinkiac lines up the time codes with the words and images, you basically have to search for the exact quote to find the moment. If you simply search for a moment with your favorite character by describing it, all of the instances where he or she is being talked about will come up for you to view. But, if you do find the moment you're looking for, Frinkiac gives you the option to press the "Make Meme" button and instantly create one to use however you see fit. 

Creator Sean Schulte (@sirsean) has been having some fun with the recognition and success of his project and in an interview Wired said, "We had the idea several years ago when we were quoting The Simpsons at each other all day long, and it was surprisingly difficult to find an image of the scenes we were quoting on Google." It just goes to show you that one man's seemingly useless trivia knowledge or endless movie quoting ability is another fan's treasure. Now that Frinkiac has been brought to the public, tons of people can get in on the action. But everyone is not quite the quote aficionado that Schulte and his friends are, which leaves the creators a little more work to do.

The other limit that makes Frinkiac a little frustrating? Doh! There's no share button. Of course, if you're making a Simpsons meme you want to tweet it, post it on Facebook or send it over a messaging app. At the moment, you'll have to take a screenshot of your screenshot meme to send or post it to your social network. It's a little annoying but, hey, if it says what you really need to say, you'll find a way to make it work. Probably the best improvement that the creators could make is to add a gif function so that users can actually send moments from the show to their friends and followers. No word yet if Schulte and his team will be able to carry out a task like this without infringing on any copyright. Overall, if you've got some time to kill, or are a huge Simpsons fan that is equally as frustrated with being unable to find the perfect quote and image to use with your friends, it seems like the answer is here with Frinkiac!

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