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Netatmo Welcome: You Can't See Me, But I See You

Take a look at what gets people talking about this home surveillance system

Roselle Jean Dancel
Netatmo Welcome: You Can't See Me, But I See You© 2018 Netatmo

Home security has a new face with the Netatmo Welcome. Most people wouldn't have any hesitations to display this simple home surveillance gadget given it's sleek, modern look. It would really look good in most homes; being able to blend in with your modern home decor. What is it with the Netatmo Welcome and why is it revolutionizing households.

Home security has a new face with the Netatmo Welcome. It is revolutionizing households with its sleek, compact design and unique face recognition features for to protect your home and privacy.


It's 45 x 45 x 155 mm body just makes this slightly taller than the iPhone 6 Plus. It's coompact design makes it placeable in tight, or hidden places; keeping it stealth from those who come in and out of the house. You can even just place it on top of a shelf, amongst your other ornaments, and it would act as if it was just part of your home decor. 

The thing you have to note is that the device has no upward/downward button that you can adjust for better visual access. You would have to manually face it in the direction you'd want it to be in. Netatmo recommends its users to place this on a windowsill, or somewhere near the entrance so that it does its job.NetatmoWelcomeCamera2.jpg

Aside from its gold, cylindrical body, it has unique face recognition technology that allows it to recognize 16 different faces for your security purposes. 

Unique Face Recognition Technology

Aside from its gold, cylindrical body, it has unique face recognition abilities that will warn you whether your kids have gone home from school, or if there's an unwanted intruder lurking the vicinity.  

It can remember 16 different faces and would need to see that particular face 5 times before your camera stops notifying you about familiar faces as unwelcomed guests. There's no way to speed up its facial recognition process. It sometimes captures morphed faces that makes it unrecognizable at times. So the key is patience.  

Android or iOS Companion App 

What's convenient about it is that the Netatmo is compatible to both Android and iOS users. You just download the app and sync the surveillance cam to your mobile. There are no other subscriptions that you'd be needing to fully utilize its features. Once it's synced, it will create events heavily based on motion surveillance. 

You can watch your 1080-p live video footage over your Wi-Fi or mobile date. I have to warn you that most reviews mentioned a lag, but it's not something to really worry about (unless it's for emergencies of course).netatmo_iphone_app1.jpgStorage and Battery Life  

This home surveillance camera combines the elements of technology and modern design to provide a convenient addition to your home. You wouldn't have to worry so much anymore.

The box includes a 8 GB MicroSD, but it can store up to 32 GB of data. In terms of its battery life, it's powered by a USB cable and has no battery. So you'd have to find a place where this can be plugged in. If you're having a hard time to look for a near-by socket, you can just conserve the power by powering it off through its remote. 


Overall, this technological, modern piece of art still has a lot of bugs to repair. There's so much room for improvement, but it's a great addition to the household, especially for those who have little kids running around, or people constantly going in and out of the house. It's a pretty looking surveillance cam with the specs to match.


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