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Never Sweat On A Bike Again

Ford makes a new model e-bike

Nicole Billitz
Never Sweat On A Bike Again© 2018 Ford

Apparently Ford Motor Company, a US-based car manufacturer, is now tinkling with bicycles.

One step of their Smart Mobility Plan includes digital smartbikes.

Unveiled at the Further with Ford trends conference, the MoDe:Flex eBike provides a hands-free, turn-by-turn navigation that manages to track your heart rate as you go.

By linking up to user’s smartphones, the MoDe:Link app provides real time navigation, weather, time and traffic.

"The fact that it communicates so well with your phone, it really brings more options to the consumer," Ford Motor Company Senior Creative Designer Bruce Williams said.

The MoDe will also have an app for smartwatches, bringing all the same data to the wrist. Your wearable will give you safety alerts, also in real time. If there is an upcoming pothole, the handlebars will vibrate and your smartwatch will beep you a warning.

Even cooler, for commuters, this bike comes with a “no sweat” mode, which basically means that the app will track your heart rate and will assist in electric pedal assist so that the rider never breaks a sweat. Say so-long forever to rolling into work completely damp.

Really, it’s no massive surprise of the leap. Health and fitness has really make a stronghold in technology in the past two years.

"I think it really parallels societal trends," Williams discussed. "Five, 10 years ago, this isn’t something that would necessarily be on someone’s consciousness and now it is. Since it is, it becomes something you immediately start to prioritize."

All bikes are outfitted with a motor and a battery that fit in the back of any vehicle.

MoDe:Flex is the third e-bike from Ford, aimed at the “bike enthusiast”. They have also released the Mode:Me, for commuters, and the Mode:Pro for couriers.


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