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New Login Feature: Even More Salacious Secrets

Now you will get the chance to expand your network

Anne Parsons
New Login Feature: Even More Salacious Secrets© 2019 Miguel Pires da Rosa Flickr

Nothing can be kept hush-hush anymore with messaging apps like Secret, which allows people to post their classified info anonymously into a news stream that can be seen by their friends. Everything’s all gone a bit Gossip Girl, if a little less twisted.

At the moment you can only see the secrets of the people whose numbers you have stored in your phone. But we don’t have that many phone numbers anymore. Since we all use Facebook to contact our sometime-friends and acquaintances, we no longer ask specifically for a number when we know we can casually contact them on social media. That's where Secret was running into problems. The less contacts, the less secrets. And this makes things a little bit less salacious.

The app company is trying to address this. They recently wrote in a post on Medium that "our community members want more friend content in their stream, beyond simply the contacts from their phone," as part of their announcement to roll out a Facebook login option to its iOS and Android apps. At the same time it will launch Collections, which are curated streams of more popular secrets about certain topics.

"Facebook login gives any user the option to (completely anonymously) connect Secret to Facebook and populate your stream with Facebook friends."

Facebook login is launching on Secret's Android app on Monday and will be on iOS later this week.


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