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New Messaging App is Super Popular

Are You Going To Use Peach Too?

Lauren Messer
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Everyone and the giant new Peach app were hanging out on Friday. That's right, there's a new messaging app in town and it's getting popular fast. We already have a plethora of options with Facebook Messenger, WhatsAppSnapchat, Hangouts and more but this new platform is getting rave reviews. It's brought to the social world by the same founder of Vine, Dom Hofmann, so users have been pretty excited to test out new sharing capabilities. Everyday we seem to find more apps that allow us to be more connected than ever but Peach might actually be a new platform that people will enjoy. 

So, what's all the fuzz about?  Well, for starters, Peach is apparently super easy to sign up for which makes it much more easy for early adopters to rave about it. Apps that are complicated to register for or that are difficult to learn to use often have a harder time growing an audience rapidly. (My personal experience with Snapchat kind of went that way.) Currently the app does not integrate with Facebook or Twitter which means that there's not a way to verify accounts. So, as you can imagine, there are already several parody accounts or celebrity wannabes that have snatched up popular usernames. One crafty user already took the Taylor Swift account and was drew some creative promotions for the singer's latest album. We're not sure if celebrities will be taking to Peach like they do to Twitter, but if it continues to grow, app makers will probably have to find a way to verify users.

With Peach, you can share a status with your friends, post photos and gifs and share your location. 

With Peach, you can share a status with your friends, post photos and gifs and share your location. But perhaps the coolest thing about Peach are the "magic words" you can use to create commands. For example, if you want to creat a doodle, simply type "Draw" to illustrate your picture. Apps like giphy have been a great source to grab your favorite gifs fast, but Peach lets you use the short command to call them up immediately and find one to share, just like that. Other magic words include typing "goodmorning" or "goodnight" or typing the word "song" to share what your device is playing right now. It will open in either Apple Music or Spotify. There's even a wave motion, similar to a poke that you would use on Facebook. 

Peach seems like a lot of fun. All of your updates go to your home which is essentially like your wall. The only thing the app seems not to have is an option to private message. So, it's all out in the open. When you post updates, your friends can see them in real time, similar to a Snapchat story. Essentially, it gives you more capabilities at your fingertips and saves you time from searching for gifs or drawing your doodle on a piece of paper and then taking a photo to send to your friend. It's easier to use than some other social sharing apps, so with its initial popularity could also come a second wave of late adopters that find it easier to use than aps like Snapchat. For now, the app is only available on iOS, but if it keeps up with this kind of popularity, it could definitely be developed for other platforms. We're sure the developers would find this just peachy! ☺️🍑

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