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Wikipedia Speeds Up On Android

You’ll now be able to settle arguments that much quicker

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Wikipedia, long a staple for internet users, is now getting a major overhaul for its Android mobile application. Now available in the Android Play Store, the app, which is currently still undergoing beta testing, promises to deliver a much faster and smoother browsing experience.

You will be able to settle arguments in bar at a much faster rate.

Behind this new version is a switch from using non-native HTML information from the Wikipedia website, to fully native Android code. This implementation means that load times should be reduced, as well as the overall cpu-intensity of the app. What this means to users is that they will be able to settle arguments in a bar, or aimlessly browse random information at a much faster rate.

In addition to the use of native code, the new application will also allow editing by mobile users - functionality that was previously lacking on prior versions of the app. In order to make in-page navigation easier, Wikipedia has improved its use of contents pages, and also given users the ability to bookmark pages which they might be interesting in reading at a later date.

Also for users who are real Wikipedia fans, but are worried about expensive mobile data charges, the new app will support Wikipedia Zero. This pilot program allows users to access Wikipedia content free of data charges, however it is currently restricted to only a few selected mobile providers.

A full list of what’s new is:

  • Native Code
  • Editing Capability
  • Contents Page Navigation
  • Wikipedia Zero Support
  • Search Any Language Wikipedia
  • Page Bookmarking
  • Random Article Button
  • Browsing History
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