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New Year, New You! ...Yeah, Right

Go Big Or Go Home...Or Don't Go At All

Lauren Messer
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Yeah! 2016 is here! #MotivationMonday #NewYearNewYou What else can everyone hashtag with overly excited optimism today?! The first full work week of the new year is here and Twitter feeds around the globe are filled with declarations of fitness goals and inspirational life quotes about new beginnings. #Newsflash people, you're still the same bum you were before we changed the last digit of the year. You probably haven't lost a pound yet, but there's still time to gain something back...that's right, your sanity. If you're reading these words now, you might still have a shot. 

What a negative outlook to the start of a fresh new year, you say. Au contraire, dear reader, don't you think that what most people could use at the start of 2016 is a heavy dose of realism? All I'm saying is let's be real here. Goals are great, and it's highly admirable to tweet out to the world your intentions for the next 366 days. (2016 is a leap year, guys.) But maybe instead of the whole life overhaul thing people should be more inclined to adopt an attitude that shows that they're able to deal with their situation accordingly, not that exceedingly inspirational tweets and Facebook statuses don't have their place...hidden from my timeline. 

I'm personally in favor of the people choosing to present the more realistic side of sticking to their resolutions, so we don't all feel obligated to jump on the overzealous, completely-reform-yourself bandwagon. 

But honestly, I have to give it up to the people straight up making fun of over the top resolutions because they're giving me more hope than anyone else. 

But, if you're determined to join the fitness crowd for these first few weeks of the year and release your own tweets of optimistic fury, you could check out the Jawbone UP3 which not only monitors your heart rate and activities, but also gives you data and analytics about your sleep. Go big or go home, newfound fitness junkie and good luck. 

Just remember that you're the new kid on the block and I'm sure you'll still be just as excited tomorrow! ūüėŹ

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