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Nexus X Images Leaked

Can it live up to its predecessor, the Nexus 5?

Michael Cruickshank
Nexus X Images Leaked© 2018 Motorola Mobility

Google’s Nexus 5 phone is widely regarded as one of the best, if not the best Android phone on the market. So what then of its successor, the much talked about Nexus X. Past leaks and rumours have suggested that the phone, also known as Nexus 6 or ‘Shamu’, would be a 5.2 inch feature phone, however this might not actually be the case. New reporting by 9to5Google is suggesting that the phone could actually be a huge phablet.

New images posted by the site, which are believed to be the final design of the Nexus X, show a phone which looks a lot like an oversized Moto X, something that would stand to reason, given that both phones are built by Motorola. Packing a 5.9 inch screen, it would be one of the largest phablets on the market today, exceeding even Samsung’s new Note 4, and the One Plus One.

In terms of specs, this larger-screened model will feature a QHD display with a pixel density of 498ppi across a 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution. The phone will be powered by a large 3200mAh battery, and run a Qualcomm Snapdragon 805 quad-core processor chip, backed with 3GB of RAM. Camera wise, the Nexus X will have a 13MP rear facing sensor, and a 2MP front facing camera, similar to the optics of the Note 4.

Of course, it might be that Google, in collaboration with Motorola, will release not just one, but two phones, in a similar way to Apple’s new iPhone 6. One would be this large-screened phablet which we are seeing these new images of, and the other would be the smaller 5.2 inch feature phone which we heard much more about in the past.

Regardless of these leaks, there is still little information regarding the device’s eventual release date. At the moment the best bet is that they will be unveiled to the public sometime in October this year, before arriving on the shelves later in November.


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