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Nintendo Smartphone? Yes, Please

It's only a concept at this point, but maybe a reality in the future

Nicole Billitz
Nintendo Smartphone? Yes, Please© 2019 Curved

One more smart company has added their design concept for the Nintendo smartphone. Android-inspired, and created by Germany’s Curved Labs, it has a pretty standard Android design, except for the very sneaky controllers hidden on the sides that slide out. It obviously looks very much like a portable gaming device, and there is no surprise there.

Despite the Nintendo insisting that Android would not be featured on its next console, the gaming world is becoming increasingly mobile, and who knows? A Nintendo smartphone might not only be a concept soon.

Curved Labs, in addition to envisioning the actual design, also gave listed the phone specs they would like to see:

4.5-inch screen with Gorilla Glass

Measure 67mm x 126mm x 9mm

64GB internal storage

Runs on Android, customized with Wii-UI

8 megapixel primary camera

5 megapixel secondary camera

Wireless charging

Slider gamepad released after pushing a button

Classic button designed after NES or Wii

Control via gamepad 


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