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Nokia Bricks Are Back... Costing $25 And Lasting A Month

The childhood classic is back to tempt in developing countries

Molly Holt
Nokia Bricks Are Back... Costing $25 And Lasting A Month© 2019 Nokia

Remember those Nokia bricks we all flaunted 10 years ago? Of course you do. Now put your hand in your pocket and see how much change you have. About $25? These days that will get you a meal out, a cab somewhere nearby, or some cheap flowers for that special someone… but that’s about it, sorry. So if we can barely afford a haircut these days, then how the hell are people in developing markets supposed to buy a phone? It seems that Microsoft have also been asking this question recently, today announcing the release of the no-frills Nokia 130.

The first (and probably one of the last) handsets to be announced after Microsoft bought out Nokia, the device will sport music and video capabilities (try not to get too excited), as well as a whole months worth of battery juice. Microsoft apparently plans to use the Nokia brand name as a trojan horse in a smartphone market that still requires a lot of building up. The device is expected to go on sale in a specific set of countries including China, Egypt, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Nigeria, Pakistan, the Philipines and Vietnam sometime this quarter.

The design of the phone will take you back to your school days, with a 9 button keypad and tiny 1.8 inch colour screen, all wrapped up in a colourful white, black or red case. The nostalgic phone is powered by Series 30+ software, with a microSD slot for up to 32GB of storage (although for once that won’t be filled up with selfies as there’s no rear camera, just an LED flashlight).

Although the sincere lack of features does mean that the Nokia 130 has one thing over its higher priced, more technologically advanced competitors: its battery life. Lasting up to 36 days on standby, and with an option for a dual-Sim device, the device is actually fairly fitting to its target market. So it’s official, Nokia bricks are back in production. Who would have thought, eh?

(The Nokia 130 is expected to retail at €19, £25, $25, AU$28 respectively.)


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