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Nokia Lumia 930 Now Viewable in Full 3D

Check out our new interactive 3D model!

Michael Cruickshank
Nokia Lumia 930 Now Viewable in Full 3D© 2018 Versus

Nokia’s device section may have been sold off to Microsoft, but there’s no need to fear yet for the brand. Microsoft, is now launching the Nokia Lumia 930 smartphone, and boy is it a treat for the eyes.

Coming in a wide range of colorful skins and packed with a bright 5-inch screen, this is the Lumia phone we have all been waiting for. The phone is set to become Microsoft's flagship for its Windows Phone 8.1 platform, coming equipped with a wide range of new features previously lacking on the company's phones.

The Lumia 930 3D model can be viewed in a dynamically lit environment, alongside other phone models.

But why wait to go to a store to check out this amazing phone in all its glory, when you can do so without leaving your computer? Versus has been working on an array of 3D phone models as part of their advance product comparison platform. As a part of this, they are now debuting a brand new, fully featured 3D model of the Nokia Lumia 930.

Powered by the WebGL API, the Versus 3D model can be viewed in a dynamically lit environment, alongside other phone models, enabling easy comparison. What's more, users are able to interact with the phone, through two axis of rotation and the ability to zoom in on key features.

The phone itself is a showcase of what Microsoft is offering with the Windows Phone and Nokia Lumia range. Suffice to say, this platform has finally come of age, now several years after its initial release. With uptake rates beginning to compete with iOS in many markets, Windows Phone 8.1 is now a serious mobile operating system contender.

Not only has the software finally been updated to include key features such as a notification bar and customisable backgrounds, but also the Windows Phone app store now contains almost all the most popular apps which we use on a daily basis.

Likewise, the Lumia line of phones is powering ahead with its focus on both productivity, exclusive apps, and a focus on photography. Indeed the phone’s 20MP camera is one of the best on the market, and the Nokia suite of photo-editing apps make retouching and other adjustments a breeze.

Why wait? Check out the phone in a 3D comparison with the LG Nexus 5 here.


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