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Know Which of Your Friends Are Getting Laid

What are your friends doing right now? 'Now' will let you know!

Michael Cruickshank
Know Which of Your Friends Are Getting Laid© 2018 Now

Ever wondered what everyone around you is thinking? What they are feeling? Well now you have a way to find out! New Android app ‘Now’ promises to let users gauge the mood of the world in real time, through an addictive questionnaire interface. 

Currently, the app is still in a beta testing stage. To get in on the fun, you will need to be logged into the Gmail/Google+ account that you use for the Google Play Store, and then first join the open beta testing group here, and then click the 'join group' link. Then you can proceed to the Play Store page for the app, and your download Now like you would any other app. So again:

1. First find the community here:  https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/117437792290527459253

2. Join the community via the dialogue box on the right of the page.

3. Then download the app here: http://nowapp.co 

Users of the app are presented with a series of simple question prompts, displayed on a colourful background. These questions take the form of binary choices asking the user about their feelings, what they are doing, or what they have recently been up to, all beginning with the preposition “Now…”. Example questions include mundane things like “Now I am hungry/Now I am full” to more personal “Now I had sex/Now I did not” and even secretive confessions like “Now I am slacking off/Now I am working hard”.

Image: © 2014 Now

Now provides a user with insight into how the rest of the world is feeling at any given moment.

Once a user has answered a question one way or the other, they are then given feedback in the form of number bubbles which show how many people in the past 7 minutes have responded to each side of the question. In this way the app is able to show how many others feel the same way as you, and provide users with a little insight into how the rest of the world is feeling at any given moment.

In addition to answering questions, a user of Now can also create their own questions, which are at first randomly uploaded into the list of questions which are answered by users, where they will also have the ability to ‘like’ it if they feel it is a particularly good question. Should the question be ‘liked’ by a lot of people, it will be given a high priority by the app, and thus answered by many more people. Furthermore, users are able to see how many of their Facebook friends have liked a particular question, providing them with further feedback on what’s hot, and what’s not.

Image: © 2014 Now

The simple and colourful interface of this app, combined with its easy controls and real-time interaction, makes it a rather fun and addictive program to use. Very quickly we got into the habit of constantly checking Now for new questions, and compulsively answering them, if only just to see what everyone else in the world was doing and thinking.

The app requires no registration, so it should a breeze to get started using it. Go ahead! Try answering some questions, and make some of your own. Don’t miss out on the fun!


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