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Now Everything Is Way Clearer!

Feast your eyes for these upgrades

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Now Everything Is Way Clearer!© 2019 Apple

Definitely threatened by big upgrades from competition, Apple unveiled new addition to their current roster of products specifically the iMacs. Now, everything will definitely be brighter and clearer as 21.5-inch models finally has an optional 4K (4,096 x 2,304) screen that is 4.5 times the resolution of Full HD.

But Apple didn't stop there as 27-inch models gets a boost with a 5,120 x 2,880 display. These upgrades definitely brings wider color range resulting to spectacular visual treat for users. Aside from these, Apple also unveiled a redesigned mouse, wireless keyboard, and Magic Trackpad.


These brand new magic accessories have built-in batteries that spell convenience right down to the T. They are all rechargeable via a Lightning cable providing ease for loyal Apple users. The keyboard though 13% smaller in size still packs in large buttons for easier and comfortable typing while the mouse became lighter and provides smoother gliding.

Finally, the Magic Trackpad stays true to its name as it provides 29% more surface area and supports pressure-sensitve Force Touch gestures. Both keyboard and mouse comes with the iMac and an additional cost is asked for the Magic Trackpad but it will definitely make all the difference.

Your Christmas wishlist definitely gotten longer with these new additions from Apple.

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