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One Last Gasp From The iPod

Apple dramatically lowers the price on its new iPod Touch - but does anybody want it?

Molly Holt
One Last Gasp From The iPod© 2019 Apple

The age of the iPod is officially over. A few years ago you couldn’t seem to get on any bus, train or plane without seeing those distinctive white earphones hanging out of everyone’s ears, yet now, with the rise of streaming services and the storage capabilities of the mp3 player’s more popular siblings - iPhone and iPad - it seems that nobody is really that bothered about the iPod anymore. So, in order to try and gain a few more sales in their declining business venture, Apple have released their newest model at a fraction of the price.

Available in six different colours with a 5MP rear end camera and 4-inch retina display, the 32GB version will retail at $199, and the 64GB at $249 - half the storage increments of previous models. It seems that even Apple has almost given up with its mp3 hobby, and appears to have ditched the old annual innovative iPod revivals. With sales reaching just $973million last year (a tiny portion of their $57.6billion revenue), will Apple’s latest product - minus the Apple price tag - be enough to save the iPod, or should they just start writing the obituary?


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