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Our Valentines Day Geek Gift Guide

The best gifts for the tech nerds in your life

Nicole Billitz
Our Valentines Day Geek Gift Guide

1. SchoolHhouse Ion C-Series Box Set

A cute vintage approach to tabletop lighting, the Ion C-Series is a re-finished product that is handpainted in Portland, Oregon, with bright and fun colors. Old school meets new school, and we love the result. It looks just like Thomas Edison’s original light bulb, so it’s perfect for the nerd in your life.

2. Spaceman USB Light

We all have a friend that’s obsessed with space, and that’s why their is now a little lunar explorer that can light up on your world. He receives power from the USB port to illuminate an impressive space with LED light. His visor will turn the light on and off, and the cord is long and flexible and can be adjusted. Perfect for long hours at the desk!

3. Stelle Mini-Clutch Speaker

This adorable mini-clutch with a shoulder strap and wrist bangle is multiple functional. Offering some of the best sound quality, it pairs with any Bluetooth-enabled device and has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free calls. It has a mirror and pockets in the clutch, and if your phone is running out of battery, it can charge any USB enabled device.  

4. TrackR Sticker

For all our forgetful lovers, this device will ensure you will never forget anything again. It attaches to your keys or whatever item(s) you misplace the most, and then, when you lose it again, you simply use your phone to activate the app which will allow the device to emit a noise until you find it. If your phone is the item you miss the most, never fear! You can also use the sticker to find the phone.

5. Canon Camera Lens Mugs

For the budding or serious photographers, this is a cool gift. This mug has wildly realistic detail, and even includes an auto-focus switch. These two lens doppelgangers are easy to clean, preserve heat, and have stainless steel lining. You just have to make sure no one else will steal it!

6. QRN18 Live With Passion Necklace

Miriam Merenfeld is offering the nerdiest jewelry to date. Using QR code, you can personalize and hide your message that can only be revealed through your smartphone’s bar code scanner. This is simple, sweet, but geeky, with love!

7. BeoPlay A2

This powerful and portable Bluetooth speaker features True360 intense sound that guarantees a clear audio and a powerful bass. With elegant, colored leather straps, this speaker is everyone’s style. Weighing less than 3 pounds, this speaker will go anywhere. It has 24 hours battery life.

8. MICA Intel

The sexiest wearable to date, Intel has created My Intelligent Communication (MICA), in collaboration with Opening Ceremony. Designed for the stylish, connected women in your life, the 18K gold coating and curved sapphire glass touch display allows you to view your messages, your calendar, and receive alerts from your curated VIP contacts. It even lets you search Yelp. This beautiful bracelet is great gift for the sophisticated, high-tech ladies in your life.


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