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People Are Being Tricked Into Microwaving Their iPhone 6

DO NOT try this at home!

Michael Cruickshank
People Are Being Tricked Into Microwaving Their iPhone 6© 2022 Apple

So you’ve bought your brand new iPhone 6, or iPhone 6 plus, and after only a couple of days (or hours) you melt it in a microwave. Wait what? It may seem implausible, but this is exactly what a few unfortunate new Apple owners have done, after being tricked by a rather well-produced internet hoax.

Pranksters from notorious online message-board 4chan, created an image which perfectly mimics the marketing and visual language used by Apple. This image claimed to promote a new feature of the iPhone 6, called ‘Apple Wave’. This feature was billed as a revolutionary new way of wireless phone charging, not dissimilar to the inductive charging on competing Android devices.

However, rather than using a proprietary base station, Apple Wave allows a user to simply make use of a household microwave oven to recharge their device. A standard 700W microwave oven, the image alleged, would charge an iPhone 6 fully in just 70 seconds, while higher powered 800W ovens, would charge the phone in a minute flat.


Of course, this was completely untrue. Predictably, when an iPhone is placed inside of a microwave, it first melts, and then catches on fire. Rather than being charged fully, the battery instead explodes, probably destroying your microwave too. Unfortunately, despite this obviously being a bad idea, some iPhone 6 users did try ‘Apple Wave’, and discovered their iPhone 6 had been irreparably damaged.

This is in fact the latest in a series of iPhone hoaxes that tend to emerge following Apple releases. Last year, after the launch of the iPhone 5S, similar ‘advertising’ spread around social media, claiming that the new device was fully waterproof. Of course, users soon found out this wasn’t the case, but only after a few bold (see stupid) souls decided to drown their iPhones.


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