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People Are Dropping The iPhone 6 To Test Its Strength

Has gadget journalism gone too far?

Michael Cruickshank
People Are Dropping The iPhone 6 To Test Its Strength© 2018 Flickr - Faris Algosaibi

After the first iPhone to be sold in Perth, Australia infamously survived being dropped on the ground while live on TV, people began to wonder as to the new phone’s strength. Previous iPhone models had a reputation for their fragile screens, and many thought due to the iPhone 6’s lack of an Amethyst crystal display, and indeed the bulging-outwards form of the screen glass, that it would suffer from the same problems.

In order to test this, headline-hungry tech bloggers and journalists have began carrying out so-called drop-tests, in order to find out just how strong the iPhone 6 really is.

While these tests are far from scientific they did yield some surprising results. The iPhone 6 and its larger model, the iPhone 6 Plus, both fair quite well when dropped on the back and on the side, even with their thinner construction. However, when they were dropped on their front, they screen was highly likely to shatter, and in some cases pop-out somewhat from the phone’s housing. The other interesting thing to note was the despite its protruding lens, the new iSight camera did not seem to take any noticeable damage from the tests.

In addition, tests of the iPhone 6’s new leather and silicone cases were carried out, with the phone being dropped from waist, head and 10ft heights. Even on the highest of these drops, the phone’s survived, unless they were intentional dropped directly on their faces.

The verdict: Buy a case for your new iPhone 6, and try not to drop it on its face. That or wait until the Amethyst crystal display is released.  

Still keen to see some iPhone 6 destruction? Watch the drop tests below!

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