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Phone Died, Again? The Solution is Here

No need to improve the battery, when you can improve the charge

Anne Parsons
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You sometimes wonder whether there is even any point in having a smartphone, considering how often the battery dies, and you can't, you know, call people. 

While everyone is busy focusing on how to improve your smartphone battery's life by testing out new materials, the people at Qnovo have been looking differently at the problem. Instead of fixing your battery, Qnovo will just speed up the charging time. While a fifteen minute charge would normally yield an hour and a half talk-time, Qnovo's chip and software could yield three or even six hours of talk time from the same length of charge. Genius.

“You measure, you act, you measure again, you act.” Maluf

It works simply by modulating the charge to your battery based on cartain types of feedback regarding temperature and how often the battery has been charged. This type of feedback and adjustment maximises the charge in a shorter space of time. Qnovo CEO Nadim Maluf says that it also adapts over time to a battery’s properties.

Qnovo's technology will also extend the life of lithium-ion batteries, which naturally degrade over time. 

The Californian start-up predicts that their technology will be available in some smartphones by as soon as next year - they are also in talks with a few phone makers about embedding their devices in phones to improve the phone's performance and charging process. 

Via MIT Technology Review

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