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Phones of the Future

What Should We Look for in 2016?

Lauren Messer
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Since most companies measure sales by quarters, we can usually start to look forward to what we might buy in the future with each passing season. With technology, geeks and fans speculate as early as six months, or sometimes even a year out for the next model of smartphone, tablet, VR headset, or other gadget that they can't wait to receive. The competition is fierce between tech companies that strive to bring innovative devices to the masses every year with a long list of critiques and praise for each model that is released. What can we look forward to in 2016? Here's a list of some of the phones we can look for next year. 

Apple iPhone7 .jpgwww.theweek.co.uk

1. Apple goes at the top of the list because, well, Apple rumors are some of the most popular speculations on the entire Interwebs. With the iPhone 6 Plus leading the innovation for 3D touch on mobile devices, it has set some high standards for the next generation. Rumor has it that Apple will be releasing a mini, more affordable version of its device before its new flagship hits stores next fall. Those waiting for what could be called the iPhone 6c or the iPhone Mini 7 are desperately anticipating a first quarter release next year. Some reports have guessed the model could be released in February, but it's more likely that Apple will announce this intermediate version along with the Apple Watch 2 and iPad Air 3 at its next scheduled event in March. The flagship model should still release next fall and if the Internet has it right, we might see the first iPhone without a headphone jack or a home button.


2. Samsung sits at number two with people anticipating the lastest version of the Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy S7 will most likely copy several of the features that Apple has released this year such as incorporating 3D touch to this model. However, coming in second has its advantages. The new design for the Galaxy S7 could be styled with edged screens all around, left, right and up and down. Will Samsung have the sleekest phone in 2016? Maybe. With similar features to the iPhone 6, the Galaxy S7 could be inching it's way to being the most innovative smartphone on the market next year, especially if the new model is released during the rumored first quarter 2016 launch date.   


3. Trying to stay in the race, Sony has it's own group of fans waiting for the Sony Xperia Z6. While we've seen many updates to the Sony Xperia Z5 this year, the Xperia Z6 promises to be even better. It will be hard to top new features like the 4K screen but expect improvements in battery life and camera resolution. Rumor has it that the new camera on the Xperia Z6 will be in close competition with that of the industry leader, the iPhone.

htc-one-m10 - leaked.jpgwww.mobile-dad.com

4. HTC will also be bringing out a new model next year. What? HTC? Yes, supposedly they're coming back next year with a better game plan. The One M10 should be an improved version of literally anything they've put out in the last two years. Possible improvements include a 27 megapixel rear camera and the soon to be revealed Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. We'll have to see if they can execute to really compete with the front runners. 

LG G5.jpgwww.gsmarena.com

5. LG is still looking to hang out with the big boys in 2016 too. Fingerprint scanner? That's so 2015. The LG G5 might actually be coming with an eyeball scanner. You read it right. If this model releases with some of the speculated advances, you could be carrying around a smartphone with an iris scanner as early as February of 2016 if the company bucks their traditional Q2 release. The LG G5 could feature a 5.6 inch screen as well as the coveted 820 Snapdragon processor.  



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