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Piping Hot: News App Straight Out Of The Oven

Pipes is a news app that delivers the news you want in bite-sized pieces

Anne Parsons
Piping Hot: News App Straight Out Of The Oven

I have spent an absolute age curating my Twitter and Facebook newsfeed to get the type of stories I’m interested in. But to me, Twitter as overwhelming as Facebook is off the mark. I’ve turned to reading apps like Circa and Yahoo’s News Digest, but the short-form summaries don’t really do it for me.

Until now, there’s been no place to get my own personalised news fix. Then I heard about Pipes.

Pipes trawls over 10,000 sources on the web every hour to give you info on the things you care most about. It doesn’t provide bite-sized summaries like the others - it actually offers news feeds of highly-read articles on your subject of interest, along with a twitter feed and Wikipedia info.

You can track current affairs, gossip about Kim Kardashian, the ballet, the FIFA Worldcup - highbrow news and lowbrow trash all together in one delightful lump, which I might add is free on both iOS and Android.

The Mumbai-based duo Vinay Anand and Siddarth Goliya funded the development through their own design and development company, Doodle Creatives, and after a few failed projects, are finally onto a sure thing.


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