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Play Lego With History

History's Answer to Wikipedia

Anne Parsons
Play Lego With History© 2018 vgm8383 - Flickr

Timeline features are part of most giant online platforms - Twitter, Facebook, Google+. It was only a matter of time before some clever clogs thought to use the idea for something actually useful - like history, say.

Histropedia is a new interactive timeline tool which lets you collate historical events, or people, according to your own interests. The information, which can be “a combination of maps, timelines, and trends” is pulled from Wikidata and Wikipedia.

“a combination of maps, timelines, and trends”

Friends Navino Evans and Sean McBirnie who came up with the idea hope that Histropedia will be a “completely free service for the whole world”, as was reported in The Guardian. They said it’s like “playing Lego with history”.  

The site launched this weekend in London, and is currently running on beta, so at the moment you can only search for specific events and people - by the end of development in a few months time, the creators want you to be able to search for whole topics.

I tested out the timeline, which you can see below. Once you sign up you can try it out here.

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