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PlayStation Mobile Comes To An End

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Nicole Billitz
PlayStation Mobile Comes To An End

Only yesterday, Sony announced that they were going to pull the plug on the PlayStation Mobile platform. After deciding against supporting the platform for Android devices last August, just as Android Lollipop was making its debut, it should come as no surprise.

As a central hub for classic games and indie releases, games that can be played with handheld PS Vita and PlayStation certified Android devices, PlayStation Mobile has long been a favorite for hardcore gamers.

In the official statement, Sony said that no new content will be distributed after 15 July 2015, and all app purchases and downloads will stop after 10 September, and PlayStation Mobile for Android will also be disabled the same month. Although Sony issued no official reason for its close, its most likely that there are not enough users to keep the platform running. Since 2012, mobile gaming has made massive strides and been completely made over, and unfortunately, Sony’s platform is very much a product of 2012. Additionally, its likely that Sony will eventually streamline all of its operations over the next several years, and so a mobile platform will become unncessary anyways.

For those dedicated to their PSM platform it will still be possible to continue using it after the 10 of September, but you will have to register before the cut off date.

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