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Project Tango is Coming

Google’s new moonshot project is about to release a tablet

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Last year Google went public with the latest project in development by its Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group. Called Project Tango, it involved research into the creation of mobile devices which could be ‘aware’ of their surroundings. Making used of a wide array of cameras, depth sensors, lasers, and other imaging technology, a Project Tango-enabled device would theoretically be able to map and navigate a 3D space in real time.

A Project Tango-enabled device would be able to navigate a 3D space in real time.

Now, according to reporting by the Wall Street Journal, we could be in for our first look at Project Tango in action. Reportedly, Google is working to create a tablet device geared up with the Project Tango hardware and software. Unfortunately for eager customers, this device will only have a limited production of 4000 units as it is intended as a developer tool, as opposed to a finished product.

The device itself will allegedly be a 7-inch tablet, equipped with at least two rear cameras, an infrared sensor, and will come pre-installed with in house 3D location software. With the company's yearly developer event, Google I/O, just around the corner, it seems more than likely that this device will be first debuted there.

While Google is remaining tight lipped on what its plans are for this technology, we can assume that once developers get their hands on this new tablet, they will find all sorts of innovative and creative uses for Project Tango. Already theorised are applications which would help disabled people navigate their home environment, immersive augmented-reality games, and even drones which can easily fly indoors.


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