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Ready To Be A GIF Master?

Giphy Will Show You How!

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Ready To Be A GIF Master?© 2018 Giphy

Gone are the days of simple smileys and emoticons, today GIFs are in. In fact, even Facebook chat already gives you the option to express yourselves in GIFs instead of just stickers or emoticons. But there are times that you just really want to create your own looped moving photos.

Fret no more as Giphy comes to the rescue. Today they launched the best and simplest way to create those GIF masterpieces. After just dropping a YouTube link on their online GIF Maker or uploading your own videos then you're on your way to having that perfect GIF. You have the options of making it short, adding captions, extra effects or whatever else that suits your fancy. In a matter of seconds, Giphy will deliver that amazing animation file for you.

Everything is becoming easier nowadays and thanks to Giphy and other gif maker services like that one of Imgur to name others. Now expressing yourself through GIFs is as easy as 1-2-3.

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