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Recharge Your (Phone) Batteries By Going For a Cycle

How Your Peddling Will Pay Off

Anne Parsons
Recharge Your (Phone) Batteries By Going For a Cycle© 2018 Noke

These days cycling can do more for your phone than for your bum. 

The Siva Cycle Atom is a handy little gadget that allows you to charge any of your electronic or mobile devices via USB while you are on the go (iPhones, and iPods, Galaxy phones, GPS trackers, etc.). 

As you cycle, the Atom harnesses the kinetic energy you generate to charge your battery. Its generators mount on most standard bicycle frames in a metter of minutes, and it charges at the same rate as if you were plugged into the wall, which means your device will go from fully flat to fully charged, just as fast on the bike as it would sitting on your desk.

Another good feature is that it doubles up as a removable battery pack which would allow you to continue charging your phone when you've hopped off your bike, and put it in your backpack, say.

The Atom is a lightweight and does not affect the functionality of the bicycle at all. If you are going hundreds of miles and you don't necessarily have access to a powerpoint, this is probably a good gadget to have. The cost $99 and you can order them from their website Sivacycle.com.

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