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Rejoice! Girl Scout Cookies Available Online

Nicole Billitz
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Rejoice! Girl Scout Cookies Available Online© 2019 Girl Scouts

Every year, we wait in breathless anticipation for the six-to-eight glorious weeks of the year, when Girl Scout cookies are sold, and Thin Mints and Samoas are in abundance. 

Americans have loved Girl Scout cookies for nearly 100 years. 2017 will mark the one hundredth anniversary of cookie sales. In 1951, the number one best seller, Thin Mints made their first appearance on the market.

This Monday the Girl Scouts announced Digital Cookie, which is a new platform that allows the girls to sell their cookies online! It will be as easy as an email. However, for safety purposes, Digitial Cookie is not an online store, and can only Girl Scouts can initiate the order. This means that you can only buy cookies if you are directly contacted via email by a Girl Scout, and only the receipt of the email can access the girl’s profile. If the email if forwarded, the profile link is broken and it is unviewable. Girl Scouts is taking all necessary precautions to ensure the Girls’ privacy and safety.

It is also, unfortunately, only accessible during the six-to-eight weeks of cookie sales. However, this new launch into the tech world will reach out to a larger market. Now girls can also take orders in-person using an app, and they will even be outfitted a tablet and credit card reader.

Girl Scout cookies usually go on sale between middle of February and April, but are now available for pre-order!



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