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Revealed: Apple Pays Extra For Super Speedy Data

Adds to netflix's attack on the "internet fast lane"

Molly Holt
Revealed: Apple Pays Extra For Super Speedy Data

Following reports that Apple was intentionally slowing down its old devices in the lead up to the release of the iphone 6, today rumours are swirling around the interwebs that the tech giants are also reportedly paying big internet service providers like Comcast to speed up their connection.

Placing servers for its unique Content Delivery Networks around the country and  apparently paying providers to interconnect to it, so it can ping to a nearby Apple server instead of relying on third-party Content delivery networks which delay data speed.

Dan Rayburn (the man who revealed the gossip) notes that “with Apple planning to release the beta version of their next desktop OS today, Yosemite (10.10), and with iOS 8 expected to come out this fall, Apple’s putting in place a lot of capacity to support upcoming software releases. Apple is still using [many of its old servers] but over time, much of that traffic will be brought over to Apple’s CDN (Content delivery networks)”.

Although following Netflix’s recent adoption of this method the statement will step into delicate territory, challenging the online streaming service’s rather loud opposition of paying for it. Netflix disagrees with a so-called “internet fast lane”, which will unfairly allow richer companies to pay for a better connected experience. All this hierarchy and patriarchy that has hit the tech world recently is making the modern age suddenly seem very 18th century. 

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