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Robots That Can Play Better Sports Than You

Stanford University students program bots to play Ping Pong

Julius Tabios
Robots That Can Play Better Sports Than You© 2019 Stanford University

Robots might soon become better athletes than humans. That isn’t fair while we toil blood, sweat, and tears to prepare for that next marathon These robots simply have to be run by oil and whatever. I mean machines are already better at math and other things than humans, are they gonna take away sports from us too? Okay, maybe I’ m being too dramatic, as I can’t even jump over 10 centimeters to save my life.

Students from Stanford University are hard at work at making artificial intelligence better in a day-to-day basis. I guess these students got bored playing games amongst themselves so they decided to get robots to learn the games. It’s two birds with one stone basically for these geniuses. Artificial intelligence is definitely on the move I just hope they don’t go crazy Ultron on us. 

Here’s a video of the bots in action playing ping-pong and some Japanese game I don’t understand.


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