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Rocket Man Takes To The Skies!

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Nicole Billitz
Rocket Man Takes To The Skies!© 2019 GoFast Jetpack

This week Beijing got their first rocket man, when Nick Macomber took the sky to fly the GoFast jetpack.

Flying through the air on July 11, Macomber landed safe and sound, surrounded by 1,000 spectators. After flying nearly 10 stories into the air using a hydrogen peroxide-powered jetpack, Macomber said “it feels like you’re riding a bicycle into the sky. It's like you have a rocket strapped to your back, and you can point it in any direction you want … I'm like a bird. I just see where I want to go and I go”.

Unfortunately, the jetpack can only fly for around 30 seconds before its three fuel cells are completely depleted - which roughly translates to somewhere close to 800 meters.

Tory Widgery, GoFast Jetpack’s designer said that the second generation pack is already in the design phase. The second generation will have a turbine and should, in theory, be able to fly for about 30 minutes instead of 30 seconds.

It’s definitely not ready for mass-market consumption just yet, but it’ll do for now.


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