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Sam Sung Auctions Off His Apple Store Business Card

The Apple card reads 'Sam Sung Specialist' and is making a fortune for charity

Molly Holt
Sam Sung Auctions Off His Apple Store Business Card© 2018 Twitter - @ayesamsung

Stop what you’re doing right now, smash that piggy bank, and start counting out the pennies. Because something has happened. Something which could only be described as one of the best coincidences of the modern world.

A real life, genuine Apple business card inscribed with the words ‘Sam Sung Specialist’ is up for sale. Previously employed at Apple’s Pacific Centre store in Vancouver, Sam Sung recently discovered his last business card, and has put it on eBay to raise money for a local charity. Yep, we couldn’t make this stuff up if we tried. The lucky winning bidder will receive the hilarious card, name badge and as his work uniform, which has been signed and framed like all historical mementos should be. Every penny he gains from the sale will be donated to local Children’s Wish Foundation who at the moment, look set to receive over $6,000 (and there’s still over a week remaining). And there was us thinking the fact that our initials spelt 'B.U.M' was funny. Dammit.

Click here to go to the ebay listing.

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