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Samsung And Oculus Rift Bring Virtual Reality To Mobile With The Gear VR

Announced today

Molly Holt
Samsung And Oculus Rift Bring Virtual Reality To Mobile With The Gear VR© 2018 Versus

Alongside their new Galaxy Note 4 phablet, Samsung are also announcing a new accessory: the Gear VR. In partnership with Oculus and powered by the Note 4, the Gear VR will be available in Autumn for an unspecified price.

The Gear VR is similar to Google’s Cardboard project due to the fact that you put your Note 4 (and Note 4 only) in it in order to complete your experience, although its undeniably much, much prettier. Silver coloured glass has been applied onto a white body, yet the design manages not to compromise on ergonomics and comfort. Just slip your Note 4 in front of the dual-lenses for all the processing and display features, and the Gear VR will give you an untethered 360 degree 3D virtual reality experience.

The Note 4’s super Amoled screen and super accuracy sensors means that there is absolutely no lag - unlike an LCD panel which can take up to 20 milliseconds to change pixels. Although high resolution screens bring with them a lot of scepticism over graphics rates, but the Gear VR’s priority system means that it updates at 5 times the rate of phones, as well as being calibrated to a much higher standard of accuracy. But its Samsung’s partnership with Oculus that really makes the Gear stand out… High quality content and industry leading speeds give the Gear VR amazing response time and a high resolution display, as well as 96 degree viewing - the same as standing 2 metres away from a 157 inch screen (not something many of us experience often).

There is a trackpad and back button on the right side of the VR as well as a focus button on top, although most of the navigating menus, playing games and exploring other worlds will be done via head movements and taps on the side mounted trackpad. The completely immersive experience will detach you from reality, with no wires connecting you to reminders of the outside world. And its even thought about updates.

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