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Samsung is Strapping a Phone to Your Wrist

The Korean tech giant is reportedly about to release a watch-phone.

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When it comes to wearables, Samsung’s obvious strategy is to beat its rivals to the market, and then establish a brand name. After releasing it’s Galaxy Gear line to public in 2012, it has since brought out a wide array of wearable devices, to a somewhat lukewarm reception. While these devices are yet to generate significant profit for the company, Samsung believes that through further diversification they can eventually create another hit product.  

It has been reported by industry insiders, that Samsung is now working on a wearable smartwatch device, with SIM card compatibility, and thus the ability to make voice calls and send SMS messages. While previous ‘Gear’-branded smartwatches have been able to synch with a Samsung smartphone to make calls via Bluetooth, this would be the first wearable device to have the native ability to make calls.

This would be the first smartwatch device to have the native ability to make calls.

Like the most recent Gear iterations, this new phone-watch will run Samsung’s in-house operating system,  Tizen, rather than Android. The device itself will be also equipped with a camera, GPS, and fitness tracking capabilities such as a heart rate monitor. While the exact release date is still uncertain, it is being reported the device will hit shelves within the next two months.

While Samsung is the largest player in the smartwatch market, this may rapidly change. Within the coming months we can expect to see a bevy of new smartwatch devices being released from major tech manufacturers. These include the Moto360 from Motorola, and the LG G-Watch, both of which will run Google’s new Android Wear operating system. This new operating system is designed from the ground up for use on wearable devices, and is expected to be shown off to the public at Google’s upcoming I/O developer conference.

The other wild card in the wearables market is the long-rumoured iWatch. While little is known about Apple’s plans for its debut wearable device, we can expect it will fully integrate with other Apple products, and feature a strong focus on health and fitness functionality.

Clearly Samsung has a fight on its hands when it comes to maintaining its position in the smartwatch market. Whether or not this latest phone-watch wearable device will be the magic bullet it needs to justify its investment in wearables remains to be seen, however, it might just have the edge in terms of functionality that would enable it to shine even in a crowded marketplace.

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