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Samsung-Powered Hoverboard Won’t Blow Your Kids Up

New Hoverboard Desinger says Samsung batteries and components make a safer hoverboard

Samsung-Powered Hoverboard Won’t Blow Your Kids Up© 2018 YouTube,Kiwano

Hoverboards were considered one of the coolest products in 2015, until they blew up houses and were banned from airplanes. But now, designer Juan Contreras claims that his new hoverboard is safe and won’t explode.

The new and improved self-balancing scooter is called Kiwano. Juan Contreras discovered that the key to making the hovereboard safer is to use Samsung batteries and components. Previous Hoverboard developers must be totally disappointed to find out that the core solution to their peeving problem is Samsung.

In a recent report where a charging hoverboard burned down a house in Louisina, it was learned that the root cause of a hoverboard to catch fire is its faulty batteries. With that, Contreras mended the problem by replacing the battery with Samsung's 18650 lithium Ion battery cell and other Samsung circuitry to insure the safety of his buyers. He also says that he was the first to use Samsung technology on his hoverboard, and so far so good! But can we be sure that this the last time a hoverboard will detonate? Will these components finally make this hoverboard safe?

According to cnet.com, Contreras insists he has a license agreement with the patent owner Shane Chen, as well as the new UL 2272 certification, which allows his company to import. He also claims that this is the first scooter that will be available in the United States market that passes all safety regulations.   

Not only does Contreras claim Kiwano to be safe, it’s also pretty cool! Contreras has installed built-in speakers so you can play your music wirelessly, which is enough reason for millennials to go crazy over this improved hoverboard.

"I created Kiwano because there wasn't a fun all-terrain scooter available that I could hit South Beach with then sit back and enjoy some music," Contreras told cnet.com. "It was time to create the Jeep of self-balancing scooters."

Just like me, you might still have your doubts with this hoverboard. But I’m willing to give it a little more time to prove its worth and have more testers try out the durability of the product. Consumer Product and Safety Commision stated that just because the product's parts are safe, does not mean the whole component is.

But let’s admit it: ever since Chris Brown was seen riding his hoverboard, walking was just so last year. No one really expected for this product to blow up, figuratively and literally. The hoverboard has become nothing but a status symbol. When this first got released in the markets, everyone wanted to roll out in the streets on these scooters. Heck, even a priest from the Philippines was reported riding one of these self-balancing scooters during Mass.

Just because this product is popular, doesn't mean it's all that safe.  We still have to keep in mind that even if we're rolling in style, we also have to be sure that our houses are safe from it, let alone our feet.

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