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Samsung Slams Apple In A New Sarcastic Ad

Samsung takes a crack at Apple's lack of originality

Anne Parsons
Samsung Slams Apple In A New Sarcastic Ad© 2018 bejadin.info

When Apple revealed its new 5.5'' screen iPhone 6 Plus, it made Samsung more than a little bit sore. The 'new' phone looked exactly like Samsung's Galaxy Note from two years ago. Similar design, similar screen size, similar everything.

When Samsung's phablet came out, it was a source of mockery, and now Apple's iPhone 6 Plus is a source of praise. Naturally that's going to get Samsung's back up.

Samsung's new commercial takes a crack at Apple and their former disparagers, who laughed at the Note's large size at the time.

The highly sarcastic commercial was first aired on Saturday on Samsung's YouTube channel. The ad has generated positive and negative responses from people online. What do you think? Comment below.

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