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Samsung Unveils The Screen Of The Future

Curved screen design means Apple has a lot to live up to

Molly Holt
Samsung Unveils The Screen Of The Future© 2018 Versus

The Galaxy Note Edge is the most high-end phone in Samsung’s line-up, and could skyrocket the Note line (who are usually a second fiddle to the popular S devices) up to Apple’s main competition. On paper, it may just seem like the same spec sheet as its brother, the Note 4, with its 5.6-inch display, same sophisticated metallic design, same 16-megapixel camera, heart rate monitor, processor, memory, software, Multi-window feature and well… you get the picture. But its not just an amazing high-end phone. It also has an especially exciting added extra that none of its rivals can offer: an innovative curved display.

On the right hand side is where the real importance lies, as the Quad HD Plus Super AMOLED display begins to slope downwards and off the side of the phone: connecting a second, tiny screen to the original at such an acute angle, that it all merges into one display and design. The software used to separate the two different panels allows them to work both independently and connected, at the same time. Although we’re not sure exactly what we will be using it for yet - for notifications? as a quick launch taskbar? - it seems like even Samsung isn’t sure yet either, but that’s ok, because not only does it look pretty damn cool, its been implemented so expertly that it will work for pretty much anything… even just to save battery by not using the main 2560 x 1440 display.

A partnership with Yahoo has also added extra cool capabilities: a media stream. Whether its sports, news, or stocks that you’re interested in, they can be streamed onto the edge screen instead of your main display, to keep everything nice and clutter-free.

Samsung will release the software development kit for this new panel today and the actual device will be available in October, meaning that by the time you can buy it, it will probably be even better. There’s even customised flip wallets to keep your edge visible at all times, too. Genius.

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