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Save on Star Wars Today!

Experience The Force... On Sale

Lauren Messer
Save on Star Wars Today!

Calling all Star Wars fans, it's almost time for the release of the epic film, which means the release of lots of other great Star Wars experiences too. If you haven't noticed, the promotions are everywhere from fashion to food. As one of the most anticipated films ever created, and one of the best sagas ever made, Star Wars: The Force Awakens is sure to entertain lifelong fans and bring a new generation to a galaxy far far away. 

Star Wars Grapes.jpgSource: tumblr.com

But enough ridiculous packaging, let's get to some better Star Wars marketing. Today, the best deal that we found is an Amazon Exclusive on Star Wars: Battlefront for PlayStation 4  and also for Xbox One. The action packed video game also comes in a package with this deal that includes a pretty sweet high quality, premium metal SteelBook that you can add to your collection of all things Star Wars related. The case imagery is impressive and  is a limited edition that will look great on display in your home or office, or wherever you keep everything.


Star Wars Steelbook.pngSource: 1080players.com

Star Wars Battlefront lets you visit the original planets from the classic trilogy. With a more realistic experience than ever, you'll feel like you're transported to the galaxy, standing next to storm troopers and using the force. Now you can even battle with your friends online or offline using the split screen Co-op mode. 

The action packed video game also comes in a package with this deal that includes a pretty sweet high quality, premium metal SteelBook 

The video game actually just released an update today that fixes some bugs on the PS4 on the Xbox One, making the experience that much better. The issue with players using Star Cards in Heroes vs. Villains has been fixed and the auto-lock on Boba Fett's missile has been removed. Other weapon tweaks include changing the damage from an impact grenade from 100 to 90.  You can also grab The Battle of Jakku this month since it is one of the planets that you can also see in Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Battlefront has received a lot of press since its release in November and has of course been critiqued and praised. It looks like EA and DICE will continue to work on updates for the game and promise even better experiences to come. 

At 21% off for the PS4  edition and with free shipping, this a gift for Star Wars fans just in time for the holidays and the movie release. 

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