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Scandalous Social Network Reveals Your Darkest Secrets

who wouldn't want to hear everyone's embarrassing sex and bathroom stories

Molly Holt
Scandalous Social Network Reveals Your Darkest Secrets

Anonymous apps like Secret and 20 Day Stranger are becoming increasingly popular (Secret has an estimated worth of more than $100 million), which has only spurred on the creation of even more confession based products. Introducing the newest member of the anonymous family: Awkward.

Awkward invites users to record a secret in a 10 second long video, but with adjustable blurring. Then, once your confession is uploaded to the app, you can share its unique URL to Facebook or Twitter, or embed the app’s confessions onto any website to make sure the especially scandalous secrets get seen.

Just like Reddit, you are able to vote videos up and down, or flag them if they’re a little bit too risque, but beware: most of the snaps we’ve seen focusing around sex and bathroom disasters. Who’d have guessed?

Although your secrets are safe from the sheer amount of effort it would take to unblur a secret tellers face, there is currently no ability to alter voices, meaning that maybe your deepest, darkest secrets should still be kept to yourself. Or be brave and share them. And maybe hurry up. We're running out of secrets to watch already. 

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