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See What This 10 Year-Old Girl Engineers In 3D

A young girl makes her own prosthetic glitter-shooting arm

See What This 10 Year-Old Girl Engineers In 3D© 2018 Youtube,BornJustRight

Suddenly, the world is a happier place as 10 year-old Jordan Reeves demonstrates what her self-engineered and designed prosthetic arm can do. In her participation in KIDmob's and 3D software company Autodesk's Superhero Cyborgs program in San Francisco, she created what she could only dream of—a glitter-shooting prosthetic arm of happiness!

Jordan Reeves calls her glitter arm weapon “Project Unicorn”, but she’s not ready to fight any super villains just yet. As shown in the video below, all barrels have to be carefully pre-loaded with colorful glitters, and then she mounts the glitter cannon to her left arm that stops at her elbow. Once she’s locked and loaded, she pulls 2 strings attached to her arm cannon that releases glitters of joy.

The Superhero Cyborg’s program by KIDmob allows children, who are in need of prosthetic arms, to work alongside professional designers and engineers to envision and prototype their own superhero arm. According to KIDmob’s website, “Participants will learn about 3D modeling and digital fabrication, such as 3D printing, and will be exposed to the process of designing and bringing an idea into the world. Participants may be partnered with a professional designer/engineer for further collaboration and development of their projects after the workshop.” And with Autodesk’s help, Jordan and the other participants were able to test their prototypes with 3D software company's user-friendly 3D modeler Tinkercad and Fusion 360.

Sam Hobish, a designer from Autodesk who has been working side-by-side with Jordan, is determined to create the perfect “Project Unicorn” model that Jordan can be proud of. “I’ve been talking to my colleagues in electronics and materials development about ways we can create some kind of pressurized system that shoots out sparkles more effectively … I plan to work until we get something she really likes. If that means we make new prototypes over the course of a year, I’m fine with that. I’ll keep going until someone tells me to stop.” Sam tells Fast Company.

Once again, technology proves that its vast development is truly a necessity. Children as young as Jordan find it difficult to look for the perfect prosthetic arm, since it’s not advisable to get more expensive ones until they’re old enough to outgrow them. Superhero Cyborg’s program is the most practical and creative solution for kids to have a prosthetic arm, and it enables them to find some sort of enjoyment with their disability.

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