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Seeing Through The Crime Scene

Fujifilm brings infrared photography to a whole new level with their X-T1 IR camera.

Roselle Jean Dancel
Seeing Through The  Crime Scene© 2018 Pixabay

You’re trapped inside an old abandoned house.

There’s no escape for you. You can’t call for help. You have no way out.

As you’re making your way towards the hallway, you see bloody handprints on the wall, and come across an awful smell of decaying human flesh.

You reach the kitchen and see that there’s a dead woman hanging from the ceiling. At first, it seems like she committed suicide.

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As you move closer, you have this gut feeling that the scene doesn’t make sense. There’s no chair under her dangling lifeless body (which would have been indicatory of suicide).

You take her body down (you have no choice) and as you try examining her, you see signs of struggle. She didn’t go down without a fight. 

While inspecting the supposed murder scene, you hear a low, sinister voice telling you that they only way you can escape is if you solve this puzzle.

He gives you an option to have one thing to help you unravel this case. What would you choose?

If you ask me, I’d go for the Fujifilm X-T1 IR. 

It seems like a shameless plug, but I swear, it really is a viable option.


Basically, The Fujifilm X-T1 IR has a sensor to capture different ranges of the spectrum, from UV to Infrared and Visible light. 

In their press release, Fujifilm announced the release of the X-T1 IR, a variant of the original model, which was made on the same compentence and performance level.

Basically, it's the same camera having a different sensor that is specifically designed for infrared photography. This model captures light from various ranges of the spectrum: UV, Infrared and Visible light. It also has the ability to capture from 380nm to 1000nm, which means that it can show you things you can’t necessarily see with the naked eye. 

The X-T1 IR has a functional and artistic use for it. Photographers who’d want to go out of the box can take infrared photography to new level. Aside from this, the camera can ferret out a painting’s legitimacy since it can see a painting’s underlying sketches. 

The camera has a functional and artistic use. Infrared photography can be incorporated in law enforcement, art, and other things you can imagine.

Law enforcement and crime scene investigations can reach new heights with the X-T1 IR given that it can expose different temperatures, or seemingly hidden objects or clues. 

If you’re really adventurous, you can actually test this out for ghost hunting. You might be able to see temperature variances in your photo, which might indicate something of the supernatural.

Overall, Fujifilm provides an awesome way to utilise infrared photography. It's weather-sealed magnesium-alloy body, tilting LCD and a 16 MP X-Trans II CMOS sensor that gives it its money’s worth.

The X-T1 IR is out on October, and will retail for about $1699.


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