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Sexy and Safe: New BMW Technology in 3D

What We Will See at CES 2016

Lauren Messer
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The Consumer Electronics show is right around the corner in Las Vegas on January 6th - 9th of 2016. Every year the world of electronics is set up to show off its absolute best and what we can look forward to the next year. Last year in 2015, BMW introduced gesture control which left most of us wishing we could do this in our cars, and in other areas of life...like to people.

The evolution of gesture control has become Air Touch which now has the ability to read a driver's hand signals in 3D.

With the gesture control technology, drivers are able to change the volume, answer an incoming call or access navigation by making a wave-like gesture in the air. That's right, with just a wave of your hand, you can swat a pesky phone call away. By rolling your finger in a swirl like motion, you can crank up the volume and just keep cruising on. 

So, what's next for the iconic brand? BMW is presenting Vision Car at CES 2016. A picture of the cabin has been revealed and has many fans suspecting that the next generation of gesture control is what we can be looking forward to on this model, and most likely several more. Vision Car doesn't seem like a name for the next sedan in the 7 series, so it might be safe to say that no matter what car we see this technology in next year, we're going to want it. 

bmw iDrive.jpgSource: Digitaltrends

The evolution of gesture control has become Air Touch which now has the ability to read a driver's hand signals in 3D. German engineering is once again leading the way with innovative technology that will make the driving experience safter for those in the car and also those on the road. The additional sensors that were installed in the center console have created the 3D upgrade. There are two buttons featured that do require a human hand to actually touch them to function, but they are conveniently located on the steering wheel near the driver's thumb and on the side sill of the door, which shouldn't be too much of a distraction.

Air Touch also upgrades the current infotainment system by reducing the number of menu options the user must sort through before reaching their selected action. For example, if the phone function is activated, the system pulls up the call lists or contacts and the user can begin a call with just one gesture. So, we know that there have been upgrades and improvements, but we're still not sure when we'll see this type of technology go into production in the latest models for purchase. Until then, we'll just have to check it out at CES 2016. 


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