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Shatner Pooh-Poohs Facebook's New App

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Shatner Pooh-Poohs Facebook's New App© 2018 James Vaughan - Flickr

William Shatner has given his two cents on the new Facebook app Mentions. According to Shatner, it’s not the Mae West. The Star Trek hero took to his Tumblr blog to vent about the “ill conceived app” that is exclusively open to "influencers" aka celebrities, who have their own dedicated Facebook pages. Shatner rates the app next to the Facebook’s Pages app, which celebrities already use to moderate their dedicated pages. He found out about Facebook Mentions from a banner ad that was at the top of his Facebook account which was customized with his picture on an iPhone.For more info about Mentions read Access Denied: A Really Exclusive Version Of Facebook

The first problem Shatner has is that the Mentions App requires you to ‘follow’ other celebrities so that you can gain access to it. Shatner “rolls his eyes” at Facebook’s prompt for him to follow Trekkie George Takei.

"I ended up choosing Robert Downey Jr. to follow and then I hid his posts (sorry Robert!)"

“I ended up choosing Robert Downey Jr. to follow and then I hid his posts (sorry Robert!)  I think that is a big flaw in the set up.  If this app is for celebrities then WHY force them to follow another celebrity in order to set up this app?  I think that is a flaw; I’m already following those who I want to follow - why insist I follow that short list of others?”

Shatner runs through five different points of both apps, and it looks to me from what Shatner is saying that Facebook would have been better off consolidating the best features from both instead of creating a brand new app. It appears that both Pages and Mentions show a lot of similar data to the user, albeit presented differently.

His conclusion: I’m not quite sure why Facebook released this app for “celebrities”. It seems to be ill conceived. I will probably use it to post to my Facebook when I’m on my phone but it doesn’t allow for mail or groups. I will continue to use my regular Facebook App as well as the Pages app.”

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