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Shockingly Expensive iPhone 6 Prototype For Sale On Ebay

Why is this phone worth this much?

Michael Cruickshank
Shockingly Expensive iPhone 6 Prototype For Sale On Ebay© 2019 eBay

For most of us, getting sent the wrong product after an online order, is an annoyance at best, and a customer service nightmare at worst. But what if the product you were sent was an incredibly rare iPhone 6 prototype? Well then you might just be about to become significantly richer.

Bidding has reached $100,000

An American Ebay user going by the moniker ‘kimberlyk1018’ has reportedly been sent such a prototype device. Featuring modified decals on its back, and a red Lighting charger port, the device which this user has received is almost certainly the real deal. Recognising, the rarity of such a device, ‘kimberlyk1018’ placed it up for auction on Ebay. Since then, the device has rapidly increased in bidding price, reaching a high of over $100,000.

But why exactly is this phone worth so much to some people?

Image: © 2014 eBay

The answer lies not so much in the device itself, or its hardware, but rather the interesting software it runs. Rather than running Apple’s now well known iOS 8, the phone runs an in-house testing and calibration software. Called SwitchBoard, this software was reportedly developed for Apple’s eyes only. For this reason, many people believe that it may contain some of Apple’s well guarded trade secrets.  

It is unclear however whether the sale will proceed. While many of the high-end bidders do seem legitimate, Ebay reserves the right to cancel an auction if it deems it ‘illegal’. Given that the Apple would consider the device their own property, they may manage to have it declared stolen or lost goods, and force the device to be withdrawn from sale.

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