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Shoot Sexy Video - Only $60k

New Virtual Reality Camera Could Change Cinema

Lauren Messer
Shoot Sexy Video - Only $60k© 2018 The Verge

Nokia isn't exactly a brand that is consistently trending these days but the creators of the new virtual reality camera, called OZO, may be about to spring to the top of the discussion board in the production and film industry. Nokia announced the creation of the OZO earlier this year but just yesterday the company finally released the cost of the spherical device. With a hefty price tag of $60,000, it's clear now that the camera is targeted at creatives and professionals in Hollywood, or those willing to invest a pretty sweet tech toy.

According to Nokia, OZO has the ability to render low-resolution video for playback in just a few minutes.

Some of the innovative features of the VR camera could really change the length of time it takes to produce quality footage. The camera is equipped with 8 synchronized 2K x 2K camera sensors and 8 microphones for 3D spatial audio capture. Imagine, as a director or producer, putting on the headset to shoot your scene and experiencing exactly what the OZO is taking in. The live monitoring gives the director a real time experience that allows for more creative flexibility in the moment. According to Nokia, OZO has the ability to render low-resolution video for playback in just a few minutes. This time consuming process has been known to take hours in the past, leaving production progress in an anxious standstill until its completion for review - just ask any engineer or editor who's had directors and post-production supervisors leaning over his or her shoulder asking how much longer it's going to take... The 500GB media module will allow for 45 mintues of footage to be recorded with a capture frame rate of 30fps. 

Though the camera is being marketed to filmmakers and creative professionals, the designers clearly have the end user in mind too, as virtual reality is a growing field for content creators, tech geeks and everyday consumers alike. The OZO creates a less cumbersome experience for the camera operator and gives the audience a much more engaging perspective. Head of R&D at Nokia, Vesa Rantanen explains, "We believe that it should be as non-intrusive as possible and focus on what you want to explore, what type of experience you want to build, not operating the camera itself."


"Nokia OZO is a category changer. It redefines entertainment and it redefines how people connect to each other and to the world around them," says Ramzi Haidamus, President of Nokia Technologies. The camera is now accessible for pre-order and is expected to be available the first quarter of next year. So, if you can't sign up now, start saving! 


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