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'Simpsons World' Declared More Addictive Than Facebook

Try not to let the Simpsons World take over your life

Anne Parsons
'Simpsons World' Declared More Addictive Than Facebook© 2018 Condenast

Without question, every Sunday evening at 6.30pm sharp, The Simpsons took over my living room. We watched every single episode, re-run after re-run, and waited in ultimate anticipation for the annual Halloween special. I am privileged to have grown up with The Simpsons, in the way that kids who grew up with social media are not. The Simpsons still acts as a collective touchstone for my siblings, my friends, and even my parents. A good friend of mine says that The Simpsons was his true education. Another says it has informed his sense of humour so fundamentally, he can’t imagine what he would be like if he had never seen it. I believe it. And we’re not even American.

That’s why I know how big a deal Simpsons World will be. Simpsons World is going to be a website and app that will host all 552 episodes of the 25 year running series. Not only that, there will be access to Matt Groening's commentary on certain scenes and elements, as well as complete scripts of the show. You will also be able to share lines from those scripts on Twitter or Facebook or other social media platforms, consult their character database so you can cross-reference characters with other characters and locations, and sort episodes according to particular themes, topics, and characters.

If you had any plans in the near future, best cancel them now.

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