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Siri, All Grown Up

Apple is set to revolutionise Siri

Anne Parsons
Siri, All Grown Up© 2018 Onno Bruins, Flickr

One thing’s for sure, Siri can’t get around my Irish accent. Which means Siri and I can’t be friends. The voice recognition software isn’t really known for its accuracy, even among my American friends, which surely makes Siri a bit of a loner.

Apparently that’s about to change. Apple is all set to revolutionise Siri, so that we don’t lose our patience altogether. According to a Wired report, Apple is on a hiring hunt for experts and researchers to upgrade the software, in order to bring it up to speed. This will bring Apple in line with Android's Google Now and Microsoft’s Skype, who have been investing a lot in this area.

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