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SIZE MATTERS with the iPhone 6

Surprising new pictures of the new iPhone 6 have been leaked

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We’ve all been twiddling our thumbs wondering when Apple will finally release a picture of the new iPhone 6. We’ve seen a host of photoshopped fakes flooding the web: square ones, curved ones, super flat ones, but now finally a picture has been leaked that we believe could be the closest thing to the iPhone 6, if not the actual iPhone 6 itself.

How do we know this? Well, it comes down to sources, and the source of this new picture, which has gone viral on Twitter, is Sonny Dickson, the Australian teen blogger who successfully leaked pictures of the unanticipated iPhone 5 champagne gold shell, the graphite design of the iPhone 5S,as well as the iPhone 5C coloured plastic shells. Since then, he’s earned a reputation as a credible source, and is regarded as one of the most trustworthy leak sources on the web.

The teenager, who has his own startup phone repair company, reputedly has contacts in China, through his business of buying phone parts, who have been the source of his iPhone and iPad leaks. Now Dickson has now posted new images on Twitter showing his latest find.

Available in TWO sizes

So what’s new about the latest iPhone? The most remarkable part of the reveal is that it looks like the new iPhone will be available in two different sizes. Dickson’s picture shows two iPhone 6 models side by side - one a 4.7” model and one a 5.5” model.To get an idea, your current iPhone 5 has a screen of 4”, so both new versions will be bigger. Other new features include a camera flash design and slimmer volume rockers. Both models are pretty similar in design, apart from the larger model having its power button relocated to the right hand side.

iPhone 6 leaked

I guess it’s ‘better luck next time’ to Apple CEO Tim Cook, who promised things will be much stricter regarding the privacy of their new reveals.

 iPhone 6 back

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