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SKULLY Is The Helmet Every Motorcyclist Has Dreamt Of

No wonder so many people are lining up to fund it…

Michael Cruickshank
SKULLY Is The Helmet Every Motorcyclist Has Dreamt Of© 2018 Facebook/SKULLY

Riding a motorcycle is fun, fast, and cool, but it lacks many of the comforts and features that you would enjoy in a conventional, four-wheeled automobile. Features like a stereo system and GPS, as well as safety features like a rear view mirror are all missing on an average motorcycle ride. Or at least this was the case...

Now a company calling itself SKULLY is planning to change all that. They are looking to build what they are dubbing as the ‘world’s smartest’ motorcycle helmet, a device which combines the latest in computing technology with an in depth knowledge of the wants and needs of the average motorcyclist.

Image: © 2014 SKULLY

SKULLY’s smart-helmet, called the AR-1, boasts a dizzying array of features that combine to make it a truly transformational product. The most notable of these is a heads-up-display similar to Google Glass or the Recon Jet which provides the rider with real time information and notifications. This can include GPS navigation information, incoming call alerts, music playback and even low fuel alerts.

In addition to this heads-up-display, the AR-1 can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth with your smartphone, and relay important information. To make use of this, the helmet features in-built voice controls, enabling actions such as hands-free calling and music controls. Finally, the helmet also gives the rider a unique wide angle rear view, through the use of rear facing cameras fitted to the back of the helmet, providing the rider with complete situational awareness.

Image: © 2014 SKULLY

Given this huge array of features, its no wonder this product is turning out to hit a hit. Currently available through an IndieGoGo campaign, the AR-1 has massively exceeded its funding target, and in little more than a day, has raised over $800,000 through pre-orders and pledges. The first of these helmets are available on order for $1399 and are expected to ship to customers in 2015.

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