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Skully 'Smart' Motorcycle Helmet Raises $1M in 45 Hours

The Indiegogo Campaign for the Helmet Skyrocketed

Anne Parsons
Skully 'Smart' Motorcycle Helmet Raises $1M in 45 Hours

So the Skully 'smart' helmet has managed to smash the Indiegogo record to become the fastest ever fully funded campaign. The hotly anticipated motorcycle helmet was looking to raise $250,000, but managed to quadruple that in about 45 hours. 

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The helmet, the Skully AR-1 is bluetooth and internet connected, with GPS, music, and a rear-view camera feed. They have a clear mission statement:

"We believe technology should eliminate distractions. It should remove blind spots. It should provide you direction when you want it, and help you focus your attention back where it belongs - on the road ahead."

The average contribution to the crowdfunding campaign was quite high at $1,425 (the most popular perk being the Skully AR-1 for $1,399) contributionscame from 24 countries and 43 states. The current pot stands at $1,133,101.


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